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My company offers a bar that can be set up at any event, and bring the fun to you. Why hire a bartender for your next event? You'll know how much booze to buy. You'll get help with the setup and clean up of your party. The host shouldn't also be the bartender and you should feel like a guest at your own party. It's probably best if guests don't make their own drinks and a bartender won't over serve. You can get fancy cocktails, not just mixed drinks.


There will always be a clean and organized bar area and your guests will be impressed. This is the whole idea of a mobile bar, take the weight off your shoulders and leave it to the professionals. You will get a shopping list of what you need to buy and can have drink menus made up. Make it simple, hire a bartender, and don't have added stress

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"Ali went beyond my expectations with her level of service. She really made our grand opening party effortless when it came to the bar service. I would definitely use her services again."  -Ann

"Ali was amazing. She was so informative, helped with the planning for drinks and what we needed for my wedding. She came early to set up and stayed until we finished cleaning up, she even helped with cleaning the area. She went above and beyond, totally exceeded our expectations. Definitely recommend her for any events."  - Huong

Wedding Celebration

Bartending Packages

Fruity Cocktails


Bartender(s) & Bar Tools



Cocktail Making


Silver Package +

Ice, Cups & Cooler



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Gold Package + Soda, Juices, Fruit Garnishes, Straws & Napkins



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